We demand a minimum separation distance between wind turbines and residential homes of 1000 m.

Wind power with minimum detriment to residents and the environment

Dear Visitor,

“Wir das Kalletal” is a website dedicated to providing information about Kalletal and wind power.

As a result of current German legislation, wind power has the same “privileged” status in planning law as farm buildings and radio masts in the countryside, making it very easy to obtain planning permission for wind turbines.

Local councils can designate “concentration zones” (Konzentrationszonen) so that wind power developments are concentrated in certain areas instead of being distributed throughout the countryside.

Our council (Gemeinde Kalletal) favours 5 such concentration zones, 3 of which surround our hamlet in the south of Kalletal on 3 sides, and 2 that are close to settlements in the west of Kalletal. Their plans are based on a minimum separation distance of only 300 m which we find totally unacceptable, considering that the planned wind turbines will each have a height of up to 200 m.

The main reasons leading to this unsatisfactory situation are:

  • The above mentioned privileged status of wind turbines according to § 35 BauGB (German federal building code).
  • The lack of satisfactory rulings regarding minimum separation distances to protect the population in the countryside living in small settlements.
  • The requirement that councils/local authorities define “substantial space” (substanzieller Raum) in the countryside for wind power.
  • The objective of the German government to increase the percentage of electricity generated by renewable energy sources to 40-50% by 2025, 55-60% by 2035 and 80% by 2050.

Thank you for your interest in our website.

Wir das Kalletal



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